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February 16, 2021
February 16, 2021

Decarboxylation Capsule


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NugSmasher®’s answer to easy and fast decarboxylation!  Meant to be used with the NugSmasher® line of Machine’s, OG model and larger. Does not work with the NugSmasher® Mini, for the Mini please use the Mini Decarboxylation Capsule

We simply add our solventless Rosin to the Rosin POT and enclose the POT in the Decarboxylation Capsule, then add to your machine according to the times below. (Example THCA to THC or CBDA to CBD) Decarboxylation Capsule is made to seal under pressure in your NugSmasher® and needs to cool down completely prior to opening the capsule. When releasing the plates the capsule should not expand and should be easy to remove from the plates otherwise more time is needed to ensure the pressure build-up has safely released. 

OG 250 degrees 17 minutes on 12 minutes off cool down then remove carefully

XP and Touch 250 degrees 15 minutes on 10 minutes off / cool down then remove carefully

Includes the ROSIN POT this extra large food grade silicon non-stick container sits in the center of this solid CNC milled 6061 Aluminum chamber. The Rosin Pot Measures 2.25″ in diameter 1.15″ tall white in color each Decarboxylation Capsule comes with one Rosin Pot.

The Decarboxylation Capsule Measures 3.00″ x 3.5″ hexagon 1.75″ tall.

Weight 14.9 oz