Rosin Extraction Bags

Everything You Need To Know

Choose The Right Bag, Get The Right Results

Food Grade Nylon

The great thing about nylon is the strength and elasticity. Not to mention it has an incredibly high melting point.

Double Stitched

To ensure even more strength and durability, our bags are double back stitched.

Heat Resistant

When it comes to rosin, heat is an important component. These bags are 100% prepared for high temperatures.

No Added Dyes

Rosin is all about keeping it clean and solventless. That's why we keep our bags as natural as possible.

Reduced Blowouts

The most important thing with bags is the ability to handle pressure. Ours withstand up to 1300 material psi.

A Variety Of Micron Sizes

37 Micron

Designed for delicate extractions including sift, kief or hash.

90 Micron

Designed for dry flower. Maximize quality with reduction in yield.

120 Micron

Designed for moderately dry flower. Great blend of yield and quality.

160 Micron

Designed for freshest flower. Maximize on yield.


Filter Sheets

25 Micron 15 Micron 5 Micron

Take your extractions to the next level with our Food Grade Nylon Monofilament Woven Filter Mesh. Available in 12" x 12" or 6" x 6" sizes, these sheets open the door to limitless customizable extraction possibilities.

It's All About Surface Area

What Is Surface Area?

Surface area refers to the amount of space your material covers during extraction. By understanding surface area, it becomes much easier to control the rosin extraction process. Our bags were designed to be packed Bottle-Tech-Style, allowing users to greatly reduce the amount of surface area required.

How Does It Benefit You?

By focusing on surface area, you can accurately measure your extractions allowing you to consistently repeat optimal results. This means that your extraction will require less pressure, be much more consistent and allow for maximum yields.