About Rosin Science

Our Promise To You

You will never have to worry about Bag Quality, Blowout Frequency or Price again.

Who are we? We're a group of connoisseurs that saw a need within the world of solventless extractions. After many years of education and experience in the world of rosin, we knew there had to be a way to get Premium Extraction Bags for an affordable cost. So we sought out to provide that possibility.

Welcome to Rosin Science - The ideal solution for your extraction needs. After a short time, you will quickly realize that the price tag of extraction bags can add fast when you're pressing often. Those extraction bags are one of the most important factors to ensuring top quality products and they're worth every single penny. Fortunately, Rosin Science is here to save you time searching and most importantly - money.

With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be much more difficult finding the right bags to fit your needs. We're positive that our bags can and will provide the best results while being a much more affordable option.

We're sure that after using our Premium Extraction Bags, you will never have to worry about bag quality, blowout frequency or price again. To get started is simple - check out our vast inventory in our online store and always know that we have a great Customer Support team to help find the right bag for you.